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Key features added to AD eDiscovery include: 

  • Support for Office 365 SharePoint & OneDrive for Business 
  • Faster Indexing Speed
  • Enhanced Druva Connector
  • Schedulable, Recurring, Incremental Collections
  • Combined Jobs View
  • Estimated Completion Time on Site Server Collections
  • Backup & Restore across the entire system
  • And more!

Key features added to FTK include: 
  • Faster Indexing Speed
  • Dell Protection (Credant) integration
  • Collection /processing for Foxmail and FlashMail, common email types in China. 
  • Document ID Numbering enhancements
  • VeraCrypt decryption support
  • And more!
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Power Through Complex Data

Automate More Tasks

Ensure Data Integrity

*Overall processing speed improvements are a result of indexing/index merge enhancements across the entire AD portfolio. Results represent average rates documented by in-house testing of both standard sample and client-provided data. Individual results will depend on hardware, item types being processed and total item count per case. Cases with larger item counts will see greater reduction in indexing times and therefore improved speed. Speed improvements applicable to indexing/index merge but not applicable to re-indexing in Summation and AD eDiscovery.

With so much data in so many places and formats, efficiency and data integrity in investigations and e-discovery can be elusive.Get equipped with the latest AccessData update to power through complex data, automate more tasks and ensure data integrity. 

Power Through Complex Data

Collect data from the cloud with support for Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive Business. Crack encrypted items from VeraCrypt with the FTK Password Recovery Toolkit.  And with an average of 68 percent* faster processing speed across the product portfolio when running a minimum of 8 physical cores, you can churn through even the most complex of data types faster than ever before. 

Automate More Tasks

A lot of tasks and clicks go into forensically collecting, extracting, processing and analyzing digital data. Organizations strive to continually improve efficiency to get the data to legal, HR and compliance for analysis sooner. In Release 6.1 we’ve automated yet more tasks and reduced clicks, helping you take your data from collection to analysis as quickly as possible. 

Ensure Data Integrity

Cyber threats, lost BYOD devices, IT environment changes and data migrations all pose unrelenting risks to sensitive data security and integrity. Loss, destruction or modification of any investigative and ediscovery data is a disaster, with potential delays and spoliation sanctions. Release 6.1 completes your ability to backup and restore all sensitive data in our platform, keeping it secure and defensible.