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You need options—more ways to manage your investigation environment, your workflow, and your access to data—to get exactly the results you want for your organization. AccessData® 6.3 puts you in control of your investigations with new solutions and best-in-class upgrades.

The Sky Is the Limit—New Cloud Capability
As data volumes continue to grow at breakneck speed, faster processing times and more powerful engines are required.  Forensic technologists have come to expect costly hardware purchases, maintenance and staff to also grow to support their investigations.  With AccessData 6.3, you can now scale your environment and control costs by leveraging first-to-market AD Lab® forensics solutions in the cloud.  Pay only for what you use, when you need it, and get long-term reliable, redundant storage.

Confidence in Your Data Management—Risk Toolkit
You face relentless threats to your data and regulatory changes are a constant.  Protect your organization—and yourself—from risk across the enterprise and take unprecedented control of your data with our new risk management solution, AD RTK™Easily find and remediate potential data threats, gain visibility across the enterprise and delete non-compliant data in a powerfully integrated solution with limited data movement.

Expand Your Reach—Robust Ecosystem Support
Today’s digital landscape is vast.  There are simply too many data types, too many applications and too many devices for any one solution to do it all.  That’s why integrations and a flexible infrastructure are so important. Support a robust ecosystem with more integrations—including Belkasoft® for our forensic solutions and BrainspaceTM for eDiscovery solutions.  Plus, simplified sharing with our countless existing connectors.
Flexibility to Meet Your Changing Needs—Job Management & Indexing
The priority of your investigations change, often times due to numerous factors outside your control.   You need to know which jobs are running, and respond quickly to shifting priorities, all without losing forward progress.  Across AccessData 6.3 Forensics and eDiscovery Solutions you’ll gain insight and efficiency with UI enhancements, unmatched options for job management, and more flexible indexing.

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Greater Flexibility


Trusted Compliance

Key Features:

Forensic Solutions:  AD Lab, FTK, and Enterprise
  • Reliable cloud processing and storage for AD Lab on AWS
  • Change processing order without losing progress
    Customizable processing to create standards and consistency
  • Indexing flexibility with multipass review to avoid reprocessing
  • Third party integrations with Belkasoft for more mobile connectors
  • More usability improvements and new notifications
eDiscovery Solutions:  AD eDiscovery and Summation
  • Simple Brainspace integration for deeper insights
  • Email collection enhancements for upgraded/migrated Exchange/O365 emails
  • Added connector support for latest Enterprise Vault and OneDrive 
  • Searchable PDF generation from native files

New!  Enterprise-wide Risk Remediation:  RTK

  • Advanced enterprise search for PII in unapproved locations
  • Schedule recurring scans for extra vigilance
  • Software inventory reports across the enterprise
  • Forensically sound remediation tools
  • Collaboration and reporting on findings

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