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Introducing QBlaze from AccessData
Enabled by go-anywhere cloud technology

Meet AD QBlaze®, a new tool from AccessData that provides a blazing-fast, flexible desktop review experience, delivered in a unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, fully managed by AccessData and built with the power of AWS. 

Starting at $15/GB/month, with no contracts, no setup fees and no surprises!

With QBlaze, attorney reviewers, litigation and lit support teams, as well as service providers will appreciate the speed and performance of a desktop app, while enabling rapid autoscaling of the DPE and database without an increased need for hardware, software maintenance and management, outsourced IT or data centers - for unmatched efficiency, consistent peak performance and deep cost savings.

Like QView, QBlaze features a simple, intuitive interface and basic review functionality ... but with the addition of processing capabilities and growing features, in a lightweight SaaS platform.

Since QBlaze is super clean and easy to use, attorney reviewers will need little training in order to accomplish basic review tasks. Its blazing-fast speed will help reviewers get through the biggest data sets in record time.

E-discovery teams and lit support can quickly and easily get evidence in, processed and ready for review in minutes. Basic pre-selected processing options take the guesswork out for less complex cases; for advanced users, predefined evidence processing profiles and deeper-dive processing options are available with a few clicks. Real-time progress reporting shows the status of your processing job; automatic scaling of the DPE through the Elastic Processing Engine and database means no case is too big.

And QBlaze gives service providers (or any advanced user or company wanting to integrate into our platform) the ability to customize and automate their workflows, leveraging the platform’s flexible API. Integrate any tool, including third-party case management software. AD Services can help with more granular permissions and unique customization for an additional fee.




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