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Take a Coffee Break with AccessData®!

Coffee Breaks are a series of 30-minute "how-to" webinars designed to provide a brief tutorial of some of the most common, or most requested, questions from customers. They’re fast, effective and best of all, they’re on the house! Click below to watch the recorded webinars.
Topic Date Time
How to keep up-to-date with the newest versions
Find out the easiest and most efficient ways to upgrade to the newest versions of FTK
®. Learn how files are kept and how copy case can help you move cases to the next version.

Speaker: Jim Martin, Sr. Instructor

How to use forensic tools to investigate a breach, Part I
When investigating a breach, there are six steps that an organization should follow to effectively address an incident. This series will focus on how AccessData's tools align to the six-step framework.

Part I of this series will look at the first three steps of the incident response plan—preparation, identification and containment. Learn which tools will help you best deal with an incident at each step in the process.

Speaker: Robert Comella, Sr. Instructor

How to use forensic tools to investigate a breach, Part II
Part II will focus on the last three steps of the incident response plan—eradication, recovery and lessons learned.

Robert Comella, Sr. Instructor

How to investigate someone using remote acquisition
Sometimes your biggest threats are inside your organization. This webinar will show you how to perform investigations covertly to avoid alerting employees to the investigation and prevent disruption of business operations. Feel confident in monitoring content, scanning your network for violations, investigating IP theft and tracking employee misconduct.

Speaker: Chris Sanft, Coordinator


How to investigate Internet artifacts
Almost every investigation involved the analysis of Internet artifacts. Web browsing caches store records of sites a suspect has visited, web-based emails may help to prove intent or correlate other events and instant message conversations or social media sites can contain evidence. When evidence is processed, artifact files are categorized and organized so that you can easily see them. Learn how to locate this hard-to-find key evidence.

Speaker: Robert Buhecker, Sr. Instructor


How to protect your organization with Cerberus
Data breaches are increasing and when your organization is hit with malware and viruses, you risk downtime or even reputation damage while you work to fix the breach. Even if you have an incident response plan, adding the right software can help you identify compromises later.

Learn how Cerberus, an option to FTK, can help you determine both the behavior and intent of security breaches, sooner and how to strengthen your security defenses and prevent malicious software from running.

Speaker: Nick Drehel, VP Forensic Training

      Download the slides

How to raise the bar on your investigations with our latest forensic release
With increasing global regulatory changes, it’s never been more important to have control over your data—and your customers’ PII. You need options. More ways to control your investigation environment, your workflow, and your access to data to mitigate risk and get exactly the results you want for your organization. Our recent forensic release provides more flexibility than ever before, with improved collections and processing, expanded third-party integrations, and new tools to manage risk.

Speaker: Tod Ewasko, Director Product Management

How to use advanced searching techniques
Are you searching effectively, using all of the tools at your fingertips? If not, join this webinar to find out the best way to make use of advanced searching. Whether you use live or index search options, you'll learn something new in this webinar.

Speaker: Jim Martin, Sr. Instructor

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