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A three-part webinar series presented by AccessData

Moderated by Matt Kelly,
Editor and CEO of Radical Compliance

As the volume of data that companies possess grows exponentially, so do the risks of data breach, burdensome e-discovery, and forensics investigations gone awry. IT security departments, compliance officers, audit teams, and legal departments must band together to anticipate and address those threats effectively. Navigating these unchartered waters can seem daunting, and not always do companies have a compass to guide the way. 

This three-part webinar series will tap leading organizations on how they chart a course to face today’s challenges in information risk; devise strategies and techniques for investigating sprawling data; and explore the impact of changing regulations on data governance and compliance.


You’ll learn:

  • How to define “information risk” in a way that lets companies define systems and solutions to tame it;
  • How to assign ownership of information risk and governance across the IT, operations, compliance, and legal departments; and
  • How modern technology, and corporate IT strategies, can drive information risk and your response to it.

You’ll learn:
  • What forensic tools and techniques can follow the data to identify insider threats as they take information where it should not go;
  • How companies can maintain awareness of where their critical assets and data are, even in today’s world of Shadow IT and BYOD with their attendant security risks; and
  • The importance of creating an audit trail during investigations for regulatory inquiries or e-discovery in future litigation.

You’ll learn:
  • The jurisdiction of the GDPR, its basic requirements, and penalties for non-compliance;
  • How its compliance burdens place a heavy emphasis on risk assessment, and consequent privacy controls and procedures;
  • What IT and information governance systems will need to be able to do, if the company wants to achieve GDPR compliance; and
  • New privacy regulations coming over the landscape in Japan, U.S. states, and elsewhere, that will be catching up with your organization soon.

View the recordings from each
webinar in the series:
June 27
Information Risk and Compliance 
in the Digital Age
View the recording

July 11
Managing Internal Investigations
Swamped with Data

View the recording

July 25
It’s No Secret: What New Data
Protection Regulations Mean for
Risk Management
View the recording

Navigating Information Risk, Investigations &
Privacy in Today’s Regulatory Environment
(…and Staying Compliant)

June 27:

Information Risk and Compliance in the Digital Age
Is your IT team driving information risk strategy, or is it being driven by new technology used across your organization? How do you divide and conquer risk and data governance across disparate teams and tools? How do you define information risk? In this webinar, speakers will answer these questions and more as they explore the modern challenges of information risk, and the oversight systems necessary for the enterprise-wide management of it. They’ll share insights and best practices on how to strike the balance between instituting protective measures, responding to threats and providing assurances that risk is under control.


July 11:

Managing Internal Investigations Swamped with Data

Digital forensics is critical to today’s internal investigations swamped in data. How prepared are you to manage the task? Join us to hear panelists discuss strategies and techniques for internal investigations where data forensics is critical. They’ll answer questions such as how a company can police against insider threats, and how BYOD policy management can satisfy modern corporate life and modern information risk. They’ll also share pitfalls to avoid so companies won’t inadvertently jeopardize privacy or IP rights (their own or someone else’s) during investigations.

July 25:

It’s No Secret: Europe’s GDPR and Other Emergent Privacy Issues

Emerging privacy issues are coming your way—are you prepared for all the change?  Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation will impose significant new duties of risk assessment, data protection, breach response, and much more on companies around the world. Join us for a webinar focused on the potential impact of GDPR coming into force next spring, and how to prepare. Panelists will discuss how these obligations will affect companies’ information risk management efforts, and how prepared your business needs to be for these compliance burdens coming soon.
Debra Farber,
Privacy Consultant and former Sr. Director, Global Public Policy, Visa
Bennett Borden, Chief Data Scientist and Chair, Information Governance Group, Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
Mark Antalik, 
Managing Director, BDO's Forensic Technology Services practice

Catherine Castaldo, 
Global Chief Privacy Officer, Nuance Communications

Zoltán Précsényi, Director of Government Affairs, Symantec