Summation® 6.0

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AccessData is continually streamlining the integrations
for FTK® and Summation based on customer feedback. 

We've been hard at work on improvements to the all-new, redesigned Summation®.

With the 6.0 release, benefit from:
  • On-Demand Access—Eliminate hardware, software, overhead expense or the need for a costly private cloud solution when you use Summation in a multi-tenant environment supported by your organization’s trusted litigation vendor or ours! Only Summation offers on-demand, 24/7 access along with unique sub-administrator roles so end users can manage their own account—including setup, usage details, billing, data uploading, processing and production—without any risk of case information being visible by others.

  • DropboxTM Like Data Upload Capabilities with LawDropTM. Functionality in Summation 6.0 that lets you drag, drop and upload case data into a Summation multi-tenant platform with ease.

  • Browser Briefcase. Unlike other competitors, Briefcase users can now load multiple documents all at once.

Other enhancements include:
  • Improved document uploading in the Browser Briefcase 

  • Ability to split and merge documents with ease, with new unitization improvements 

  • Additional languages added to Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Faster reporting and improved notes functionality with updates to Case Organizer

  • And more!

Better Together
AccessData is the only provider to offer a truly integrated solution to help streamline the investigative and e-discovery process with enhanced interoperability between all solutions powered by one backend database that is forensically secure.
The combination of FTK and Summation gives users a seamless solution spanning forensic collection through document review. And with AccessData's shared, secure backend database, your data never has to move between platforms, minimizing the risk of data spoliation, preserving chain of custody, and minimizing the cost and complexity of creating multiple case datasets.

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FTK 6.0 enhancements or FTK 6.0 and Summation 6.0 Better Together

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