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Introducing Quin-C, the bright new future of digital investigations. This pioneering solution from AccessData supports and guides the unique workflows of investigators, for dramatically improved efficiency and throughput. Quin-C speeds data access, processing and analysis, and offers a powerful, yet flexible, highly-customizable UI to empower investigators of every skill level, so you can conduct and close more accurate, advanced investigations in less time.

Quin-C is simple, visual and powerful, offering customizable out-of-the-box configurations to fit the unique needs and challenges of any digital investigation. It features an intuitive, open HTML5 interface that’s easy to learn and quick to master, plus AccessData next-generation tools and a flexible infrastructure developed in close collaboration with the investigative community. Come, reimagine with us.

Request your free 30 day trial or live demo and get started today. The trial includes the full-feature configuration, with the machine-learning widget, HerculeTM

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