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Summation®: Installed, Appliance or Hosted—
Three options to meet your needs

Every organization has distinct needs when it comes to selecting and implementing an e-discovery solution. That’s why we offer multiple ways to access Summation® at various price points to fit your budget. Select to install on-premises, access via an all-inclusive appliance, or host Summation with your service provider or one of our trusted partners.

I love having Summation hosted on our premises, as well as having access to it from a web browser. We have no remote desktop services or Citrix® to configure.

—IT Manager, Small Business Professional Services Company

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 8D4-91A-186


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Processing Through Production in One End-to-End Platform

Powered by trusted FTK® technology, Summation combines processing, review and case organization into a single solution for efficiently managing e-discovery. Utilizing a shared, forensically secure backend database, data never has to be moved throughout the e-discovery process, reducing risk of data loss and spoliation, decreasing costs and improving overall efficiency.  


Key Features
Regardless of how you choose to implement, with Summation you get:

  • A single solution for managing e-discovery, with one unified, secure back-end database so your data never has to move, reducing risk of data loss and spoliation.
  • Trusted FTK processing engine
  • Technology Assisted Review (TAR) at no additional cost
  • LawDrop™ for Dropbox® like data upload capabilities
  • Integrated fact and issue management 
  • Advanced visualization graphics, including Geolocation and Heatmap
  • Offline mobile case review
  • Transcript support with Realtime
  • Interoperability with AccessData FTK and MPE+®
  • And more

Managed Services for Additional Case Support
Whether you’re looking to outsource all of your litigation support needs, or just need additional help to manage a large case or tight deadline, our skilled Managed Services team can help. We’re here to walk you through each step of the discovery process—from early case assessment and collection through processing and data preparation for final review—to help control costs and maximize efficiency. Learn more

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