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Whether it’s an investigation, legal or regulatory matter, uncovering key evidence buried in digital data is crucial to piecing the story together. 

Only AccessData® offers integrated tools for incident response, digital forensics and e-discovery, powered by a single, forensically secure database to help you collect and analyze data more efficiently—so you can spend less time managing the process and get back to super sleuthing.

Just ask San Diego—based law firm Solomon Ward

The firm has provided legal services to a diverse business clientele for over 35 years. Recently, they implemented the integrated combination of Summation®, MPE+® and FTK® to help streamline their workflow, freeing up their attorneys and paralegals' time to focus on substantive issues as they pursue the next evidentiary breakthrough.

The powerful, integrated combination of these solutions has enabled Solomon Ward to perform thorough collection, processing and advanced analysis without exporting and re-importing data at each step, minimizing data loss or spoliation while accelerating the delivery of data to attorneys and generating cost savings for their clients.

Read their AccessData product story.

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