With more and more digital electronic data residing on mobile devices, forensic specialists need to figure out how to best extract, collect and preserve evidence to conduct forensically sound examinations.

The solution? FTK® and AD LAB 7.0 gives you the power to work through investigations faster than before. Mobile parsing, job management and increased processing power to get through more than 7 TB of data in just 24 hours included in the 7.0 release, makes FTK and AD LAB the court validated tool of choice for digital forensics. 

Perform Comprehensive Mobile Investigations

Parse and analyze key data from mobile applications to further complete your investigation and create custom parsers to analyze non-supported data types, which paints a broader picture and ensures a more robust investigation.

Increase Case Efficiency

Leverage the capabilities of Python to create custom scripts and reports making your investigations more streamlined and efficient. Run Python scripting directly within the interface, which keeps all the data in one location and reduces the risk of spoliation by not having to use multiple tools.

Auto-scale With Ease

With AD Lab 7.0, tasks and notes can be added within the application to assist with the collaboration needed during larger investigations. Auto-scaling allows the distributed processing engines to adjust on the fly giving users the ability to ramp up processing when demand is high and scale down during a review stage.  

Access Clear Chat Context

Chat messages and conversations are shown in their native view providing comfort and familiarity while presenting to non-technical audiences outside of the forensics community.

Achieve More Flexibility

Leverage the power of the cloud to scale your environment in FTK and AD Lab, which now supports AWS Aurora.



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