Automate, Analyze and 
Respond Faster

AccessData 7.1

Whether it’s law enforcement investigating a crime, or Infosecurity responding to a cyber-attack on a company’s network, one thing is for certain: time is critical. More rapid response in an investigation could mean the difference between preventing more crimes from happening, or stopping the threat to your data.

But rapidly growing volumes of diverse data from new data sources like mobile devices continues to challenge already time-crunched investigators, and often leads to longer investigation timeframes.

With 7.1, AccessData helps you respond faster when time is critical in an investigation. We're enabling automation within AD Enterprise through a new API, available at additional cost, which will initiate an investigation almost instantaneously when threats are detected. New image recognition in FTK® and AD Lab leverage machine learning to more quickly find like images across the data, saving time on manual review. And enhanced mobile analysis capabilities added to all platforms means no more wasting time moving data between tools. Now all mobile data analysis can be performed in a single, trusted solution.


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