Accelerate Your Incident Response Time
with Seamless API Integration

New API automates previously time-intensive manual processes. 

Introducing a new API that seamlessly integrates with your organization’s cybersecurity tool to kick off a post-breach investigation from the first moments after an intrusion has been detected, maximizing the speed of incident response and initiating preservation of evidence that could prove crucial in your investigation.

We are proud to be the first forensics company to offer such integration! 

Here's how it works: The API enables a secure connection between your cyber platform (e.g., Demisto, Phantom, etc.) and any AccessData product, such as AD Enterprise, AD Lab or AD E-Discovery. If the cybersecurity software detects an attack, it sends an alert that is received by the AccessData software, which initiates a collection job at a designated endpoint. This saves precious time in the initial stages of the incident response by preserving data relating to the root cause of the breach.

In addition to its integration with cybersecurity platforms, the API also integrates with case management systems, e-discovery applications and other third-party software tools that are connected to the digital investigations workflow. This integration speeds up the investigation, and also reduces the risk and expense of passing data between platforms. Read more about these use cases.

A one-time investment allows users to integrate an unlimited number of software tools with their AccessData solutions.

The introductory bundle includes:

  • Perpetual license fee
  • SMS
  • Professional Services


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