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Get any digital investigation across the finish line faster. From forensic collection, high speed processing, full e-discovery, document review and production, to network investigation and post-breach, the latest releases from AccessData leaves the others in the dust.

Here's how:

  • Record-breaking processing speeds: Accelerate your investigations with the fastest tools in the industry—process over 7 TB in less than 24 hours. Handle larger data sets and more types of data—faster. Make revealing connections other tools can’t.


  • Robust, start-to-finish solution: Maximize efficiencies and cost-savings.  Get intuitive, one-stop collection, processing and document review. No need to process load files and send data to a separate review platform—incurring greater cost, risk and time lost.


  • Next-generation technology: Make revealing connections other tools can’t. Our groundbreaking Quin-C platform shifts investigations into a higher gear with exclusive cross-case search capabilities, time-saving automation and revealing data visualization.


Speed. Reliability. Accuracy. It’s what any digital investigation demands—and is what AccessData delivers better than anyone.

See for yourself. Set up a quick, but revealing, data diagnostic so we can better understand your needs and provide a summary of recommendations for how you can accelerate your case work.

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