The way we work has changed. Endpoints are no longer in a physical office. Users are working from home, and often not connected to the VPN or company network. Data is also increasingly being stored in online or cloud collaboration tools like Google Drive™ and Microsoft® Teams. 

How can you continue to respond to a data breach or perform an internal data collection as these challenges emerge? 

With AD Enterprise.
Access every endpoint, no matter where that user is located. AD Enterprise is the first forensic investigation tool that can perform off-network endpoint collection and collect from the most popular online and cloud data sources.


Endpoints not connected to the VPN?
No problem!

Collect and analyze data from remote Windows endpoints that are outside the corporate network with no VPN connectivity by using our Site Server Integration. Deploy the AccessData remote agent to a Windows OS endpoint, then configure a Public Site Server to manage collection activity initiated by these remote agents located outside the local network.  Once data is collected, it can be reviewed and analyzed in AD Enterprise.

Collect from cloud data sources for easy review.

As employees continue to work remotely, organizations are quickly adopting and relying on cloud tools like Google Drive and Microsoft Teams to collaborate and stay in touch. But when faced with the need to collect from these tools, organizations need a forensic investigation tool that can connect to these types of cloud-based data sources.  AD Enterprise is the first forensic collection tool in the industry to offer a suite of data connectors, including from Network Shares, Microsoft Exchange®, Gmail™, One Drive™, Google Drive™, SharePoint®, and Microsoft Teams. AD Enterprise gives you the power to stay in control of your company’s data and keep track of your employees’ devices—even when working anywhere outside your physical offices.

The perfect solution for the world’s emerging challenges.

COVID-19 has invited more opportunities for fraud, IP theft, ransomware, and data breaches to occur.  As the workforce has increasingly become home-based, organizations have been forced to look for solutions that can collect data from off-network computers.  With AD Enterprise, employers can feel more confident and stay in control of their organization’s data, no matter where their employees are. Discover what your work-from-home employees are doing on their computers, even if they’re not on your company VPN.

Use AD Enterprise to:

  • Investigate suspicions of internal fraud and IP theft on endpoints that may be outside the work environment.

  • Continue your ability to perform forensically-sound, remote collections without a VPN connection.

  • View data on the computer of an employee suspected of IP theft or fraud.

  • Collect data from an employee who is under investigation.

  • Collect data from an employee who is traveling for business.

  • Perform a targeted, filtered collection without any interruption to business operations.

  • Continue to use cloud collaboration tools like Google Drive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, knowing that you can collect data from these sources when the need arises.

  • Investigate suspicious emails stored in Microsoft Exchange or Gmail using AD Enterprise data connectors.

  • Collect data files from your organization’s network share without tipping off employees.

  • Feel confident in monitoring content, scanning your network for violations, investigating IP theft and tracking employee misconduct, even with the current COVID-19 challenges.

Enhanced versions of FTK® and AD Lab were also released and feature parsing support for Windows® OS data. Data is presented in an easy-to-read, reportable format in the new Enhanced Windows System Information Tab. Users can easily examine data from Amcache registry files, SRUM artifacts, and Windows timeline events to develop a clear picture of an endpoint user’s actions and geolocations, helping to speed investigative work by eliminating the manual translation of Windows OS registry files. FTK and AD Lab 7.4.2 also feature parsing support for Microsoft Edge® browser data. Learn more!



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