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Only AD Enterprise supports the mass deployment of remote Mac®

Collect from more places than ever before: Whether responding to a data breach or performing an internal data collection, you need access to every endpoint, no matter what operating system, where it's located, or if it's encrypted.  AD Enterprise is the first forensic investigation tool with the ability to mass deploy a remote Mac agent, without any manual intervention by the endpoint user.

New integration with Jamf® deployment provides greater visibility into activity on all endpoints, network shares and peripheral devices, even those running on macOS® Catalina or Mojave.  As more and more enterprise organizations embrace Macs, AD Enterprise helps you continue to conduct forensically sound, remote, covert internal investigations from all endpoints.

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We have the Differences That Deliver:

  • We mass deploy the AccessData agent to thousands of endpoints at once, instead of logging on to one at a time
  • Our agent gains full access to the disk, unlike other solutions that routinely miss files during collection 
  • The AccessData agent runs as a service, ensuring a secure connection; our competitors use a logon account leaving the endpoint vulnerable
  • Want to Live Preview the endpoint data before you collect it? Other solutions don't offer this visibility
  • The AD agent collects into a forensically sound, defensible evidence container, not a Zip file like other products

AD Enterprise also features crucial advantages such as:

XFS file system support for investigating abnormal, unauthorized activity on an XFS-hosted web server.

Updated TX1 image support to import and open LX01 and E01 images created by the Tableau TX1.

The ability to import and parse AFF4 images of Macs, generated by solutions like MacQuisition.

A new Portable Case Format for offline data review.

Updated Check Point support for decrypting and collecting from a Check Point encrypted endpoint, while maintaining endpoint security.

Optimized support for a unified database Amazon RDS configuration.

Categorized Internet Artifact Parsing and improvements to how mobile data is viewed and managed.

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