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When you need a best-in-class processing engine that produces repeatable results and maximum data discovery. When you need to review multiple mobile phones at once. And do it quickly. Look no further than FTK® 7.4.

As the number of Internet users continues to grow (more than 8% growth over the last 12 months) and spend more time online (users average more than 6 1/2 hours each day) it's no wonder that we are constantly updating and enhancing our products to keep up with the growing data explosion.  

The latest release of FTK and AD Lab 7.4 is no exception and brings with it the ability to review mobile and internet artifacts across devices easily in an intuitive review interface. Check out some of the features that will make your life easier:

  • Welcome to a new view—QView®. Version 7.4 features the integration of QView, a simple, intuitive and customizable review interface. QView was designed with the reviewer in mind. Utilize multi-case functionality such as tagging, searching, labeling and bookmarking across multiple cases. Enjoy easy mobile chat application and multimedia review, along with similar face and image detection all backed by a unified database. And, a panels-driven interface means that you can customize the view to your liking.
  • Do you need to quickly identify similar faces or objects in your case and don't have time to train the system for recognition? Similar face and object detection are new features that allow investigators to quickly locate all images of a person or object across the case without having to train the system, which can use up valuable time and resources. Further, we give you the ability to upload an image from outside the case and compare it to pictures within the current case without ingesting it.
  • Updated support for UFDR files means that you can process UFDR files 40% faster than earlier versions. 
  • Portable case, a feature introduced in FTK 7.3, allows for offline review with a quick export in near-native format. Version 7.4 brings additional enhancements with the ability to sync labels, bookmarks, bookmark comments and notes, created by the reviewers back to the original case.

In addition to the exciting new and updated features in FTK and AD Lab 7.4, you know you can rely on AccessData's forensic tools to properly identify all of the relevant data so you know you're not missing anything. Check out why CYTER’s digital forensics team relies on FTK® to discover 90% of data overlooked by competitive tool during e-discovery in government investigation.

The 7.4 release also brings features that AD Enterprise customers will appreciate. Be able to:

  • Collect, analyze and compare volatile data from endpoints on demand from the latest Windows® OS, including Windows 10 for a complete and accurate analysis. 
  • Collect data from Mac agents faster than before with the new ability to use NFS (network file system) technology.

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