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The Complexities of Investigating

Illegal Activity on the Dark Web

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Believe it or not, the public Internet, which contains about 1.7 billion websites, makes up only 4% of the entire Internet. Over 90% of the content on the Internet, called the Deep Web, is inaccessible to the public. The bottom 6%, also known as the Dark Web is where criminal activities take place.

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What Is The Dark Web?

The Dark Web is considered the "sinister side" of the Deep Web. This is where most of the web’s illegal activities occur and where the criminal based chat and messaging forums reside.  

Facts To Know About The Dark Web:

  • The Dark Web is a dumping ground for confidential information that has been stolen.
  • The Dark Web creates a safe haven for those involved in human trafficking and other nefarious activities.
  • Prefilled tax returns with real and legitimate tax payer information can be found which allows the Cyber attacker to file fraudulent tax returns to obtain refunds.
  • Fake identification, such as fictitious passports, driver's licenses and military IDs are available which allows a Cyberattacker to launch a Social Engineering attack in a very sophisticated way.

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