You're Invited to an Ice Cream Social!  

Summer is around the corner and you know what that means ... it's the best time of the year to cool off with a sweet treat and a sweet deal. Schedule a Flavors of Quin-CTM ice-cream social today!

We'll bring a full sundae bar to you, including giving you the scoop on Quin-C, AccessData's groundbreaking investigation technology that uncovers critical evidence faster, makes more meaningful connections across data, and helps you build stronger cases. Quin-C is completely customizable, so there is a different flavor for the unique needs of law enforcement, corporations, government agencies, law firms and service providers. 

The Cherry on Top

Quin-C elevates the AccessData® solutions you already know and trust, to give you maximum control over the way you process, locate, analyze and report on key pieces of data. Built with an open interface widget infrastructure, Quin-C lets you add powerful capabilities to its core features, for a custom, integrated investigation solution to fit any need and budget. Plus, it's available in the cloud as part of AccessData's Cloud Solutions for maximum speed and scalability. Quin-C is ideal for:

  • single investigations
  • collaborative investigations
  • e-discovery and compliance 
  • high speed processing and ECA 
  • legal review and production (a perfect upgrade for Summation® clients)! 

It's a Sweet Deal 

Take a quick chill any day of your choice in the comfort of your own workplace. The Flavors of Quin-C ice cream social will come to you. You just need to provide a room with a screen so we can share a quick briefing on all that Quin-C has to offer. We guarantee the social will be the highlight of your day, where your hardest decision will be sprinkles or no sprinkles (yeah, go for the sprinkles)!  

Stay Cool! 

Download these info sheets on Quin-C to learn more, then schedule your ice-cream social by filling out the short form to the right. 

Quin-C Overview for Investigations: Download here

Quin-C for Legal: Download here



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We all scream for ice cream!


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Because life - and time for your caseload - are too short to be plain vanilla!