FTK Central is Here! 

Meet the Future of Forensic Review  

FTK Central Delivers Blazing-Fast Processing Power, Limitless Scalability, and Simplified Review – powered by Forensics.  LEARN MORE!

FTK Central combines the industry-leading, powerful processing engine of FTK with innovative new forensic & review workflows for all skill levels, together into one collaborative, web-based tool.  

See a live demo to learn how FTK Central can...

  • Accelerate your workflow to complete forensic investigations even faster with reliable, repeatable, scalable forensic-level processing.
  • Discover and ingest the most complex data types, and forensically collect data from anywhere, including cloud data sources and endpoints that aren’t always connected to your network.  
  • Review all types of case data through a single lens, all with instant near-native rendering by FTK Central’s intelligent viewer.
  • Empower your reviewers to become instantly productive with intuitive workflows and a simple, familiar UI.

Be sure to check out the new FTK Central product page for more details!


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