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The Public Sector's New Paradigm

As more and more data is stored everywhere, forensic technologists must have new tools that are faster and deliver greater stability, nearly limitless scalability and real-time collaboration. The digital forensics investigators of today, and of the future, must remain steadfast in their diligent and exhaustive efforts to collect, cull, analyze, categorize, and find patterns in data to solve crimes.

This white paper provides a snapshot of the trends and challenges federal, state and local government investigators are facing when it comes to the increased need to collect data from numerous sources and facilitate cross-collaboration throughout the entire sector to get ahead of the curve. So, what do digital forensics investigators in the public sector need to know now? How can they respond, and what are they doing today? Download the white paper today to find out if IoT devices are a growing concern, what type of data is the hardest to collect and how likely there is a need for new tools to span multiple cloud solutions in order to collect data.