Connect the dots across data to uncover critical evidence faster than any other tool on the market with Quin-C technology

The hurdles in digital investigations are fierce: data sets that continue to grow in size, diversity and complexity, combined with limited resources. AccessData is reimagining how investigations are conducted to help you uncover critical evidence faster, make more meaningful connections across data and build stronger cases.

Quin-C Investigator works in tandem with FTK, surfacing new, meaningful connections across your data. It provides robust cross-case database search and multi-case analysis, advanced visualizations, tactical, targeted processing capabilities; easy integration with more than 155 data parsers and more Quin-C architecture integrates easily with FTK, allowing you to open and work any case regardless of its original database version in FTK. 

Quin-C technology is a powerful complement to FTK with a feature-rich, fully integrated HTML5 web-based UI. Features include:

  • Configurable to users abilities—a customizable UI ensures that novices and non-technical users won't be burdened with advanced tools that they aren't ready for; while experts can use a more complex configuration to get the most out of their analysis.
  • Enhanced processing capabilities—processing bottlenecks due to complex data types and too much data are a thing of the past. The powerful processing ability of Quin-C opens the bottleneck and lets the data flow to the review stage...where Quin-C really shines.
  • Faster review and analysis—a better workflow and collaboration among all stakeholders in an investigation allows for faster throughput and meaningful analysis which leads to more accurate, relevant and actionable output.
  • Visualization—advanced visualization tools such as timelines, geographic mapping, charts and link analysis help to make sense of large amounts of data within a case.

Learn how Quin-C can elevate the solutions you already know from AccessData in this complimentary white paper: 

5 Ways That New Software Technology Can Help Law Enforcement Teams Collaborate on Forensics Investigations

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