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You’ve relied on Summation for managing all post-collection stages of e-discovery — now you can amplify it with Quin-C, the pioneering technology from AccessData that helps legal teams surface new, meaningful connections across data in a highly customizable, widget-based HTML5 interface. 

Developed in close collaboration with the user community, Quin-C enhances Summation by offering robust cross-case database search and multi-case analysis; document clustering and predictive coding; advanced visualizations; tactical, targeted processing capabilities; and easy integration with more data parsers. Speed the linear review of vast document sets with the fastest near-native web viewer available. And now with Summation 7.0, you can seamlessly launch Quin-C from the click of a single button. 

Web-Based Infrastructure

As digital environments grow increasingly complex and broad, so do your investigations. But that doesn’t mean your investigative environment has to be complicated! Make the right environment accessible to any member on your team with Quin-C’s flexible, fully integrated HTML5 interface. And Quin-C is completely compatible to operate independently from or in conjunction with Summation and all other AccessData solutions. 

Fast — and Faster — Review

Review documents and data in viewers that allow files in Excel®, PowerPoint® and other formats to appear almost exactly as they would in their native applications. Leverage full document markup and spreadsheet deep-dive capabilities or jump to Quin-C’s streamlined QView for super-fast review. 

Cross-Case Search and Multi-Case Analysis

Use Quin-C to connect the dots across data sets and automatically surface deeper, cross-evidence insights. Cross-case search tools and multi-case analysis capabilities enable you to find, manipulate and view case data as though it all came from the same source.

Integrated Data Visualization

Quin-C timelines, geographic mapping, charts and link analysis are fully integrated and interactive to make large, diverse data sets digestible. Wherever appropriate, visualizations support playback controls so the investigator can get a real sense of how events transpired.


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Key Features of Quin-C for Legal Teams
  • No plugins or installs required to use Quin-C’s powerful, web-based HTML5 environment.

  • Innovative distributed processing capabilities allow for more tactical, targeted processing.

  • Fast, near-native document viewers make documents and data appear almost exactly as they would in their native applications.

  • Cross-case search and multi-case analysis tools discover patterns and relationships across data sets in a way humans can’t.

  • Integrated, interactive data visualization tools—timelines, maps, charts and link analysis—help you understand your data and investigate your case.

  • Robust and growing ecosystem promotes extended capabilities through seamless integrations with Belkasoft®, Compelson® and Google™ image recognition

  • Open interface widgets let you select exactly the functionality you need and offer simple, straightforward upgrades―no waiting for a major software release.

  • Advanced UI customization lets you match layout and permissions to specific cases and specific users.